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Working Over Coffee

Mindful Essay Writing

Removing the struggle from the college essay process

In this course we will...

  • Use mindfulness practices to access the flow state and make writing easy, and dare I say, enjoyable?

  • Meet once a week on Zoom as a group to write, share and receive feedback in a nurturing and supportive space.

  • Learn how to access your authentic voice so that colleges and universities can see who you really are and what you bring to the table.

  • Receive two, one-on-one feedback sessions with the instructor to develop your essay. 

  • Learn mindfulness and writing techniques that will benefit you in college and beyond.

  • *Please note: this course is limited to 10 students.

A Young Man with a Notebook
Course Details
  • When: Four Wednesdays from 6-8 pm, Oct.13th - Nov 3rd. 

  • Where: Zoom

  • Who: Students at any stage of the college essay writing process.

  • What: Weekly two-hour Zoom meetings plus two individual feedback sessions.

  • Why: Use mindfulness techniques to discover your authentic voice and write an essay that shines.

  • How much: $500

  • How: Click below to reserve your spot!


Who is your instructor?

Alexandra Rizzi is an educator and college counselor who specializes in helping students convey their unique skills and abilities to potential US colleges and universities. She has worked in education for fifteen years and is passionate about empowering students achieve their goals. 

Alexandra is also an avid writer, editor and teacher of writing to students from all around the world. She believes that writing is a skill that can be learned and that tapping into the flow state to unlock our authentic voice is the best way to enjoy the process. 

Over the years she has studied a wide range of mindfulness techniques and applied them to her life and work. In this course, she brings all of that and more to serve those students who choose to participate in writing a college essay that shines.


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